Apperson DataLink 3000 OMR Scanner

DataLink 3000 OMR Scanner

The Apperson DataLink™ 3000 test scanner blazes through exams of up to 150 questions and over 3000 pages per hour. The workhorse is versatile enough to handle both small quizzes and large-volume assessments, over and again- without complaint.

This scanner comes standard with the following features: Prints on student answer sheets, Reject Tray, Barcode Reader, Apperson DataLink™ Connect reporting software, features that typically cost extra with competitor’s scanners.

With an integrated bar code reader (for pre-printed student and test IDs), as well as touchpad controls, compact LCD display, and a startup package with ink cartridges, USB cables and digital  DataLink Connect software, DataLink 3000 is always ready. And more than able.

For advanced data collection and reporting, DataLink 3000 uses  DataLink Connect software to export testing data in a variety of formats. Special exports features are sometimes directly available through our international distributors

Smart. Tallies the number of student answer sheets scored, calculates class average score and average percentage score, and performs a percentile analysis (in 5% increments).

Fast. Score up to 65 answer sheets per minute on tests of up to 150 questions and review the results as soon as you’re done.

Durable. Designed for demanding classroom and district environments.

Flexible. DataLink 3000 handles everything from quizzes to long exams – supported by a wide range of low-cost Apperson DataLink answer sheets.