Apperson DataLink 1200 OMR Scanner


The Apperson DataLink™ 1200 test scanner delivers big performance in one or several classrooms, from primary schools to college buildings.

For advanced data collection and reporting, Apperson DataLink 1200 uses Apperson DataLink Connect software to export testing data to your PC. Special exports features are sometimes directly available through our international distributors

Smart. Tallies the number of student answer sheets scored, calculates class average score and average percentage score and performs a percentile analysis (in 5% increments).

Fast. Score up to 35 answer sheets per minute on tests of up to 200 questions and review the results as soon as you’re done.

Durable. Designed for the demanding classroom.

Flexible. Apperson DataLink 1200 handles everything from quizzes to long exams – supported by a wide range of low-cost Apperson DataLink answer sheets.