Apperson DataLink Connect Reporting Software

DataLink™ Connect Reporting Software

The world of education is increasingly digital, even if every classroom, school or institution isn’t. That’s why we developed our exclusive Apperson DataLink™ Connect software – to bridge paper and pencil to the digital world.

Apperson DataLink Connect test scoring and reporting software enhances Apperson’s already smart scanners. No matter which Apperson DataLink test scanner you choose, Apperson DataLink Connect unites it with your computer, applying digital power to data scoring, analysis and reporting. And making sure all data captured can later be released to popular gradebooks, Microsoft Excel, or an institution database.

Apperson’s DataLink Connect converts pencil marks into pixels … and then into powerful data.

Relevant. Instantly view appropriate reports such as Item Analysis, Class Roster, Student Proficiency, Class Proficiency, and several more.

Connected. Transfer results to a wide variety of popular gradebooks, student information and learning management systems or programs such as Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Time-saving. Create electronic answer keys for future download to scanners and to share with other instructors.

Datalink connect software is cd based. It is also available via electronic download.