About Apperson


Making Assessment Smarter

Apperson™ creates affordable, smart and friendly solutions for assessing performance and measuring success. Our Apperson DataLink™ test scanners, answer sheets and reporting software digitally capture data from paper assessments, saving educators time while providing immediately useful, relevant information for instruction. We also offer a full range of custom services for assessment, survey and other data collection and printing needs.

History of Dependability

Decades of knowledge. Founded in 1955, Apperson’s early focus on precision and reliability has become a natural fit for K-12 and higher education. Our products are now used in more than 85% of school districts in the U.S., with over 40,000 of our data-enabled test scanners delivered globally. We produce more than 150 million answer sheets and forms each year, all backed by the unconditional AccuScan guarantee.

A Helpful Presence

Around the world, Apperson is developing partnerships that benefit our business partners as well as local economies. As a result, educators globally are strengthened by tapping into the most reliable and affordable assessment technologies to use in their classrooms.

Doing business in today’s global economy means partnering with distributors for mutual growth and prosperity, within each country. Apperson International is focused on growing a meaningful, mutually beneficial global presence by establishing and nurturing close relationships with global partners.

For over a decade Apperson™ has done business internationally and we are pleased to announce that we have created a dedicated team to focus on the international marketplace.

Commitment to Our Partners

Our promise to you, our international partner, is that we will provide you with top quality products at a competitive price and never sell against you. When we receive inquiries from potential customers in your territory we will pass those along to you to fill your sales pipeline. Working together we hope to help you grow your education business by offering Apperson test scoring solutions.

We look forward to partnering with you!