The most complete solution for digitally capturing & reporting data from paper assessments.

Assess Performance & Measure Success with the Apperson DataLink Suite of Test Scanners, Answer Sheets and Reporting Software.

How the DataLink Suite Works

Our test scanners, answer sheets and reporting software feature time-saving and reliable technology to deliver immediately useful, relevant information for instruction. Apperson’s dependable DataLink family of scanners combined with Apperson DataLink answer sheets and the powerful Apperson DataLink Connect software, precisely scores students test . Working together these products have the ability to report performance on standards and learning objectives. Apperson DataLink products assist teachers to bridge the world of paper to digital in every classroom.

Worldwide Distribution

Apperson DataLink™ products are distributed worldwide and our rapidly expanding distribution network covers many countries in the Americas, Australia, South Pacific, the Middle East and Asia. Distribution opportunities are available in many other countries. We invite you to partner with us on our expansion.

¹Scantron™ is a trademark of the Scantron Corporation.